Seven break is a famous slimming product with effective ingredients to  dissolve fat, detoxify skin and lose weight fast. It can be easily absorbed to the skin. To shape your body fast and effectively, it is advised to use seven break day and night.

After bath or shower every day, take a small amount on your palm, apply seven break cream into the target areas where you want to reduce fat. It is better to keep using seven break for seven days, and you can see the amazing results. After using it, wash your hand.

Seven break cream will give you burning heat sensation. Massaging cream on your skin will improve lymphatic circulation, which means to burn fat and blocks cellulite formation fast. Therefore, when using slimming cream, you should use the right massage, if not, the effect will be halved.

At last, it is advised to use seven break cream combine with regular exercises, healthy diet, etc. And you will see the difference soon.

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  • Aug 09, 2016
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